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About Us

Raise Awareness

Become empowered and inspired to fight the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses by turning to Levine-Oliver Publisher, Inc. We support the community of persons challenged by bipolar disorder, chronic depression, anxiety disorder, PTSD, etc. We do this by producing a bi-weekly online newsletter containing useful, valuable, and helpful educational and resource information for persons afflicted with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities.

Levine-Oliver Publisher, Inc. strives to shape the reader to become an advocate for social inclusion and justice.  We share advocacy and community articles that keep you active as a regular citizen. Most important, we encourage you to accomplish your dream and not give in to labels, stigma, or stereotypes associated with having a mental illness or developmental disability affliction!

At LOP, YOU ARE IMPORTANT!  Our bi-weekly newsletter provides Advocacy news and information from a variety of expert organizations showing you pathways to happiness, encouraging you to find your purpose, inspirations designed to help you commit to your Self-Care Plan, and how to share your success. LOP builds advocates out of persons living with a mental illness or developmental disability affliction and those who desire more from life to make a positive difference in their families, neighborhoods, and communities.  Mental health recovery really matters at LOP.  Let's go change the world!


Levine-Oliver Publisher, Inc. is a Non-Profit, 501(c) 3 business. We are not paid by any organization.

Although mental illnesses are brain disorders having no cure, there are available medication treatments and coping skills for  recovery. Individual treatments can include medicine, psychotherapy, group therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, behavior modifications, etc..  LOP supports people in recovery and does NOT provide these services.

LOP encourages you to stay on your individual Self-Care Plan from a doctor because it will be your pathway to happiness!  Then you will be empowered as an advocate to reach back and help others, too!  LOP is a Christian, faith-based company. LOP primarily publishes valuable information for persons living with a mental illness, their families, or loved ones. We include valuable information for persons living with a developmental disability as well.  LOP does not discriminate based on race, sex, religion, ethnicity, etc.. Mental illness are common in the United States.  Approximately 1 in 5 persons have a mental illness.  African-Americans with mental illnesses are the least race group to receive mental health treatment in America.  This has to change!  LOP believes that medication treatment aids human beings of all races to achieve mental illness recovery success. Please seek treatment from a mental health doctor and take your medications, if any, as prescribed!!  READ OUR "BLOGS!"

Your dream never dies.  It becomes delayed by untreated mental illnesses.  Ultimately, our goal is to encourage your recovery success and empower you or your loved ones to pursue a quality, productive life, staying focused on accomplishing your dream.  LOP hopes to inspire you to share your stories as an advocate in your families and communities. This helps stop stigma.

What We Do:

As a faith-based publishing company, LOP only publishes works written by Her Royal Majesty, Queen Agnes B. Levine at this time.  De Pin Boards of 2017-2019 are now archived. Currently, LOP continues to publish unique “pixversations” on de following Pin Boards on

(1) LOP Pinterest Board 1:  

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and visit us on or on Flickr at:, too!  Join us for daily inspirations, education, information, and peer support because you are never alone!  READ OUR "BLOGS!"

We would love to share your happy photos sent to us on our Pinterest Boards. All photos become the property of LOP and will not be returned. No nudity, profanity, hatred, etc., just happy, encouraging momentos that we can all enjoy. Thank you for joining us on the #Happiness_Tour.

LOP is continuing to grow by working with experienced professionals in the publishing industry and we welcome those who are seeking his, her, or their dream, but feel alone.  Eventually, we will branch out so that your stories can be heard and understood in your own words.

In addition to Her Royal Majesty, Queen Agnes - Chieftess of Gullah-Geechee Nation, writing and publishing the LOP newsletter, blogging, and writing stories, LOP will soon resume our Hang-Outs.

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Agnes - Chieftess of Gullah-Geechee Nation’s Books Available for Purchase Now:


This first book by Her Royal Majesty, Queen Agnes B. Levine ~ Chieftess of Gullah-Geechee Nation will be available again in 2022.  The COVID-19 Pandemic has delayed re-release!  "Cooling Well Water:  A Collection Of Work By An African-American Bipolar Woman" describes how Her Royal Majesty became diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder; a mental illness that has NO cure, but treatments exists. The book illustrates how my spirituality and my commitment to live, focused on glorifying Gawd Most High by accepting my mental health treatment step by step. HRM Queen Agnes shares exactly what that looks like in real life to achieve mental illness recovery success.  YOU are NOT ALONE!

This first book, published in 2006, was a major platform for HRM Queen Agnes to share her amazing testimony, “The Vanilla Room.” The book's message teaches that dreams do not die and a person can recover from a mental illness.


“I am quite impressed with how every poem presented in Cooling Well Water: A Collection of Work By An African-American Bipolar Woman” is supported by scriptures from the bible.”


     This latest E-Book, "I Saw You In His Eyes: Reenie's Story," has been re-released by HRM Queen Agnes B. Levine and is coming to Amazon and in the Kindle Store in a matter of days.  Stay tuned! 

     This amazing story is an easy read appropriate for young adults, college students, parents, teachers, etc.. "I Saw You In His Eyes:  Reenie's Story" is a faith-based work raising awareness about living and coping with a mental illness.  Mental illnesses have NO cure, but treatment  makes it possible to live your life and make your dream come true!  

     After losing her college roommate to death by suicide, surviving domestic violence, and developing a strong faith, Reenie learns a new normalcy with her mental illness affliction.  Her mother's love and support makes Reenie stronger and more determined to recover.  "I Saw You In His Eyes:  Reenie's Story" gives the reader a look into the life of a person who over-came stigma, came out of denial, and received mental illness treatment.  Reenie's reward was happiness at last!   

     If you, or someone you love, struggles with a mental illness, you will love this story!  Reenie demonstrates that achieving mental illness recovery success is possible!   It was challenging, but Reenie stayed committed in ways you will find inspiring to seek and receive mental healthcare for yourself or to support a family member or friend to start living a new normalcy with professional mental health treatment.  

     Reenie's story changes attitudes about persons struggling in darkness with a mental illness. It raises awareness about living with a brain disorder and offers hope that day-to-day living improves with treatment, education, and support.  "I Saw You In His Eyes:  Reenie's Story" is amazing and available SOON for purchase.  It is a great gift for the future generation to break the cycle of mental illness and become testimonies of success.  Have positive, ongoing conversations on college campuses or at the dinner table about mental illnesses and treatment.  We can do it.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Tenki.


Be Inspired Today:

Buy HRM Queen Agnes’ books and read her Majesty's stories with an open mind. Then, support the person in your life to walk away from hurting and out of suffering alone in darkness. Understand what a person living with a mental illness experiences daily and offer love, kindness, respect, and empathy; not stigma nor stereotypes.

Remember, education leads to knowledge that breaks the cycle of mental illness, no matter what triggered it or how it developed. Live your dream.  Check out our "BLOGS!"

Take part in the #AmericasMentalHealth movement by helping others recover from a mental illness. END STIGMA!  

Please join me on Hang-Outs (TBA) fuh conversations about #Reenie, too. Watch fuh announcements in de LOPnewsmag. At Hang-Outs, you kin win prizes, too!!  You must own a copy of "I Saw You In His Eyes:  Reenie's Story" to be eligible for prizes so hang on to your purchase receipt.  Remember to send LOP your happy photo with your copy of "I Saw You In His Eyes: Reenie's Story" beginning January 1, 2022.  Send your happy photos to [email protected]. Your Photo will then be pinned on Flickr for all to see, too.  Stay focused!   Smile!”

- Author HRM Queen Agnes B. Levine  - Chieftess of Gullah-Geechee Nation, Founder, President of

Levine-Oliver Publisher, Inc.

That’s me, HRM Queen Agnes, on the right in Art Therapy Class. I made my Preakness Hat out of an old newspaper and a coffee filter.  "Ms. Newsy," what a dream!  Tenki, Jedus.

HRM Queen Agnes’ Favorites Pick:

“This book is a favorite because it discusses the hurts in the African-American community. It includes the DSM-IV and it is a handy resource, too, for blogging, writing articles, etc. Click the Title to purchase. THE DM-V is also available from Her Royal Majesty, General Terrie M. Williams. I recommend understanding DSM-IV first.”

Spiritual Shackles

“Delve into this tome and discover a pathway out of darkness. There is humor, history, wisdom, hope, and deliverance in ways you never expected!

This good read will take you on a delightful journey across the country from Baltimore to Juneteenth Day! This story helped me to overcome my anxiety in crowds. I was motivated to write a book review! Click the Title to purchase.”


Spiritual Shackles!

The Best of Morning Glory

“by Juanita Bynum.. I love this CD because of the music therapy. It slows my racing thoughts so I have Peace.”

Morning Glory!

Her Royal Emperor, Pam Perry, PR, Her Majesty Mentoring Program, 

Ministry Marketing Solutions and Branding

Royal Emperor, her Majesty, Pam Perry, PR Coach

“I love my LOP PR Coach, Royal Monarch Emperor, Pam Perry, PR, Her Majesty. I have been coached by this awesome woman since 2004. I attended her Branding Star University!  Thank you, Her Majesty, Royal Monarch Emperor, Pam, for believing in LOP. I love you. (Kiss, Kiss)”

Community Events:  Coming Soon - "I Saw You In His Eyes:  Reenie's Story"
 E-Book and Paperback!


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